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I became a customer of Young & Associates Insurance because I worked with Earl at his prior place of employment and I wanted to stay with him; my service experiences have been extraordinary. I try and emulate to my customers in my field of business the high level of service I receive from Young & Associates; I have referred people to you folks and I will continue to. I am always amazed at the speed with which my questions/issues are handled! Also, one of my closest friends is an insurance agency owner/producer and he constantly reminds me that I am not doing business with him...I tell him I am a lifer with Young & Associates Insurance...really a lifer with Earl!
Mike, Duluth MN

Service experience exemplary-analysis was thorough, complete and conducted with utmost integrity. Thank you, Kari! Although interested in obtaining a new client, their primary objective is to ensure a fair and unbiased assessment of appropriate and comparable coverage options, companies and even competitors. Trustworthiness is a huge attribute portrayed by Young & Associates Insurance and losing a potential client is secondary to Y&A's honesty. These traits are rarely experience in the insurance business and I would not hesitate to encourage people to check out Y&A, as their professional advice and integrity is second to none. This comes from a guy not easily impressed, especially about sales and marketing types.
Joe, Duluth MN

I appreciate the time that Tim Young spent with us discussing the ever changing world of cyber liability insurance. He not only provided valuable information, he provided guidance and documentation to help us make a sound business decision. Thanks Tim!
Cindy, Arrowhead Regional Computing Consortium, Duluth MN

I became a customer through my husband. When we got married he said we should go through Young & Associates Insurance as his parents have been with them for years. Dinny has been a treat to work with. Very thorough, polite, easy to work and speak with, great at follow up, which takes one thing off your plate at times which is fantastic. I would recommend Dinny to my friends and family. Young & Associates Insurance has been great to work with. This is coming from a previous All State customer, which had no follow up or personal touch.
Laura, New Market MN

Young & Associates Insurance has been there when I needed them - always. Over the past 5 years we have had a variety of claims, and mostly under trying circumstances including catastrophes while we were out of town. Each time we were given instant, personalized attention and very thorough follow up. As important, it is obvious that Young & Associates Insurance has earned excellent credibility with the underwriters as they were responsive and respectful of both our needs and complimentary of Young & Associates as a broker. I have recommended Young & Associates Insurance, and in particular Earl Hamilton, to a number of friends and colleagues with no hesitation whatsoever.
Tom, Duluth MN

We have worked with Sue Stocke for 7 years after a referral from a family member. Not only has she taken good care of us and always been a phone call or email away, Sue was able to anticipate our needs before we even knew. We were effected by basement flooding with extensive damage and was happily surprised to learn that Sue included coverage within our property insurance. As group home owners, it is wonderful to work with someone who not only understands our field but is up to date on our state licensing requirements for insurance. We have and will continue to recommend Sue Stocke and the whole Young & Associates Insurance company to our community, friends and family.
Erin & Andrea, A & E Homes, Inc., Duluth MN

When I was looking for a trusting agent for my home and auto insurance, my friend introduced me to Young & Associates Insurance. Tim and his staff are very thorough and on top of everything. I am at ease knowing that they will be there if something happens to my home or car. Any insurance can cover physical loss/damage but having service from Y&A also covers my sense of security. I would definitely refer Young & Associates Insurance to my family and friends!
Miki, Burnsville MN

My wife and I were looking for someone to buy insurance from. My father-in-law knew Earl Hamilton from before and he has been his insurance agent for many years. He recommended Earl to us. Everything has been great. My wife and I were new to insurance and no question was a dumb question. Whenever I do need to get in touch with Young & Associates about something, either through email or phone, they always get back to me quickly with the information I need.

I would absolutely recommend Young & Associates Insurance to family and friends! Having our car and rental property insurance with Young & Associates make one less thing we have to worry about. We know our best interests are looked out for and we do not have to worry about anything.
Matt, Duluth MN

We became a customer of Young & Associates Insurance when our oldest son was about to get his driver's license. We sought quotes from six companies for auto insurance and Young & Associates found good teen driver coverage at half the cost of what our previous company was quoting. We have been with them for four years and have no plans to look elsewhere. Y&A generates loyalty by looking for solid coverage at a good price and providing fast, friendly and reliable customer service.

I refer people to Y&A and I've even "liked" them on Facebook!
Denise & Family, Two Harbors MN

My husband and I have had all of our insurance through Young & Associate for many years. In every instance they have been able to provide us with solid coverage at a reasonable rate with just a phone call. They know who we are when we call, you just don't get that from an online insurance company!! Thanks Dinny for always making it easy!
Cindy & George, Duluth MN

We became customers of Young & Associates Insurance when Earl Hamilton came on board with you. We followed Earl to Young & Associates because we had always experienced excellent service and that has continued to this day. We not only would refer Young & Associates Insurance to our family and friends, but we have referred them.

To highlight the exemplary customer service we have experienced we’d like to take you back to June 20, 2012. During the massive rainfall that occurred that evening, we had the experience of 12 inches of raw sewage infiltrating our fully finished basement. With Rick out of town on business over 200 miles away, Karen was home with our children and unsure of what to do. So, around 9 pm, she called Earl at home. He offered great advice. He called back on a number of occasions. He knew it was going to be a long night and I am sure I was the first of many phone calls. He called back later that night to see how things were progressing and stopped by our house first thing in the morning before ‘going into the office.’ Knowing that Rick was trying to get home via Highway 61, which was closed, Earl contacted a general contractor for us to begin the process of removal of furnishings, carpet, sheetrock, insulation, etc. The contractor arrived mid-morning and started the process.

Earl came by our house numerous times those first few days post sewer backup, and he called us on a daily basis to see how things were going and if we needed anything. Having never gone through anything like this, it was extremely reassuring to have such personalized, professional service. Earl has walked us through every step, from the beginning of the event to the completion of the claim. People say you never know how good your insurance and your agent are until you need them. We always thought our insurance and our agent were good, and we found out that both are outstanding!
Rick, Duluth MN

Unmatched customer service is as impressive as the effort to get the coverage we need at rates we can afford. Tim understands the business world and the need to maintain continuity of coverage at affordable rates. Tim's recommendations offer valuable insight. He seems to do whatever he can to help the quoting and renewal process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

When I started a new job and was just getting involved in business insurance, Tim was dedicated to educating and training me to make sure I understood our risks and coverage options. The time commitment from Tim exceeded my expectations.

I would definitely recommend Young & Associates Insurance. Tim has a thorough understanding of our business and the coverage options that are advisable. When we have compared the premiums presented by Young & Associates Insurance to premiums presented by competitors, the rates are competitive and the customer service is a known commodity.
Eric, Hutchinson MN

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your great professional skills! You are clearly excellent at your position and Young & Associates Insurance is lucky to have you. Thanks for all you do Sue.
Stacy, Just Kids Dental, Two Harbors MN

I always know when I talk or work with anyone at Young & Associates Insurance, its staff and associates are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and very approachable. My questions are promptly answered. Quotes for insurance coverage are always very quickly completed. I ask a lot of questions about my insurance coverage partly because no one at Young & Associates will ever make me feel that I am wasting their time.

I was weeks from closing on the purchase of a commercial building. I contacted Earl Hamilton for his assistance with obtaining insurance coverage for the new property. After talking with Earl about the building, he discovered a problem with the real estate no one else caught. He encouraged me to look into the matter more and I will be forever thankful to him because by him catching the significant error he saved me tens of thousands of dollars. I was about to buy a costly mistake. No question he will forever be my insurance agent!

I happily sing high praises about Earl Hamilton and Young & Associates. I will not go anywhere else for insurance.
Jessica, Duluth MN

I originally placed all of my insurance needs for numerous autos, home and business insurance with Young & Associates Insurance over thirty years ago. Over this period of time, I have had a few auto and home storm damage claims and I was always appreciative of the fast professional agent service and claims settlement I received. Most importantly over this long period, I have gained such trust in the experienced and professional insurance advice and service I receive from Young & Associates and I would not consider other insurance sources regardless of their indicated lower cost.
John, Spooner WI

I became acquainted with Earl Hamilton and was impressed with his knowledge of various aspects of auto and homeowners insurance. He was also very helpful in answering questions arising from an auto accident last winter. His experience in the industry allowed him to provide valuable and timely information.

Young & Associates Insurance, and in particular Earl Hamilton, have always provided top quality customer service. In a world where it is increasingly difficult to reach someone by telephone, Young & Associates has proved to be the exception. They are very reachable, and if not immediately available, will call back quickly. If Earl isn't available there, always seems to be someone else to step in. Questions are answered in a timely and professional manner. They are also very responsive to email communication. I would refer my family and friends to Young & Associates Insurance.
Kurt, Minneapolis MN

Tim Young at Young & Associates Insurance has been our insurance agent from the very first day of business. Tim responded to WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc’s needs in the same timely professional manner when WWMW, Inc had 1.5 employees as he does now when WWMW, Inc has an average of 40 employees. Tim has taken the time and energy to fully understand what WWMW, Inc does to ensure proper insurance coverage as the company has grown.

There are many times throughout the years that Tim Young has gone over and above in his service to WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc. Since WWMW, Inc is a “job shop” there have been times when Tim has been given 24 hours to get new or modified coverage in place so WWMW, Inc could perform a job on-site at a customer’s facility. Tim’s ability to respond quickly to WWMW, Inc’s needs has allowed WWMW, Inc to meet it’s customer’s needs and to grow.

WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc has frequently referred companies to Young & Associates. When asked for advice WWMW, Inc management often states how important it is to have a GOOD insurance agent who is on your team. One that is willing to teach you what you need to know and handles all the overwhelming details of keeping your company insured at the proper levels.

WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc is very grateful to Young & Associates Insurance for taking the time to mentor John & Kim on the area of insurance. We don’t ever need to worry about our coverage. We KNOW we can depend on Tim and Young & Associates to handle that for us in a very dependable, timely and professional manner.
Kim, WorldWide Machining & Welding, Inc, Superior WI

We began our relationship with Young & Associates Insurance when my husband needed homeowner insurance for the first home he built in the mid 1980’s. Since that time our insurance needs have grown dramatically and we continue to turn to Young & Associates for direction. As an owner of multi-properties, collector cars and numerous vehicles, we routinely require assistance from our agent. When I contact Young & Associates for reason, it is reassuring to know that I can depend on the staff to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. In addition, our claims service has been outstanding. We have been extremely satisfied with Young & Associates for over 25 years. The agency provides an exemplary service and we will continue to refer colleagues, friends and family to them for solutions.
Beth & Rick, Duluth MN

Like many others, we became clients of Young and Associates Insurance when Earl Hamilton joined the agency. All of the staff have taken super care of our family over the years and we are very grateful. We appreciate the experienced and thoughtful answers to questions we have had over the years as well as great service when we have had a need.

We are currently in the midst of the aftermath of a home fire and our agent Earl and the insurance company he selected for us, Westfield, have been tremendous. The fire happened while we were on vacation and the first call we made after the news of the fire reached us was to Earl. In the wee hours of the morning, he told us that he would take care of whatever needed to be done (getting a company in to drain our radiators, getting a contractor in to board up the house, etc.)… and, as always, he did exactly what he said he would. That was a huge comfort to us as we made our way back home. Every bit of help we have needed since then, Young and Associates and Westfield have delivered. There are so many details to keep on top of and there is real peace of mind in knowing we are in great hands.

We have recommended Earl Hamilton and Young and Associates Insurance to many folks over the years and it remains a pleasure to do so. We feel Earl has taken care of us as if we were his family. Thank you, thank you!
Geoff & Sandy, Duluth MN

I wanted to send you a big "THANK YOU" for your professional and friendly support while we owned Dodges and the years following the sale of the resort. You set the standard for us when we dealt with other business contacts and sincerely felt that you were the best business professional that we ever dealt with while we owned DLL. Thanks again Tim.
Dale & Cathy, Duluth, MN

Sue, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You were so helpful and made the whole reporting process less stressful for me. I am grateful for your help and really appreciate everything you do!
Vanessa, Westview Services, Duluth MN

I became a customer of Young & Associates Insurance after I had worked with Earl Hamilton many years prior. He had left the company he had been working for and after a long time, we found him at Y&A. He immediately remembered me and my prior history; having an agent that is personally invested, "pays attention" to their clients and their personal needs, was/is exactly what I needed.

My prior company was so large and did no leg work to look for the best possible policies to meet my needs. Ironically, when Earl began researching he was able to increase my coverage immensely and decrease my premiums to the point where I was shocked to no end. I am a single person working paycheck to paycheck, this helped to open other doors so I could manage my finances better.

I have referred Young & Associates Insurance often to friends and family and I know that some of them have switched and they have been quite pleased with their results.

Whenever I have needed help with my house, cabin, vehicle, ANYTHING...it happens immediately. When my agent or any other person in the office has been involved, I have had nothing but great support and cannot complain about any interactions. And once again today, thanks again for all of your help and how quickly things were done, it really lessened my anxiety and was such a smooth process!! I will continue to refer Young & Associates Insurance to everyone!
Angie, Duluth MN

Kristen, we just wanted to thank you for all you did while we went through our not so pleasant event. You were great. New car is here and working great. Thank you again.
Luke & Trista, Duluth MN

The customer service from this office is top-notch, A+! I get a friendly and prompt response to any issue or question and the resolution is understandable and fast! The employees know ME and not just my policies. Knowledge and efficiency with a smile describes Young & Associates' employees!
Elizabeth, Duluth MN

This is in regard to my recent accident in which I was seriously "rear-ended" while stopped at a traffic light. It was a devastating event for me because I suffered the immediate loss of my car. The event was even more devastating when I learned that the other driver had no insurance - which is against the law in the state of Minnesota.

My policy through Young & Associates Insurance with Westfield moved in quickly. In just three days I gave the recorded traffic accident statement to a claim agent. Two days later an adjuster was with me as we went over the damage. Right on the spot, he was able to present me with a fair and equitable check for the total loss of my car.

While this accident was very stressful for me, I need to say that your attention to detail and the prompt response was supportive and comforting. Every detail was handled efficiently and professionally.

Thank you so much for minimizing my stress following the event and supporting my belief that good and capable people are available to help in a time of need. It is important to have a knowledgeable insurance agent and a great insurance company and this event and its proceedings prove that fact.

With grateful appreciation to Earl and Young & Associates Insurance.
Claudia, Duluth MN

Young & Associates Insurance was recommended to me by one of their clients. The service experience has been great, they got me the information and coverage I needed quickly. I would definitely refer Young & Associates to my family and friends!
Karrie, Duluth MN

We so appreciate your professionalism and your positive, cheerful attitudes. We have recommended this agency to others!
Sue, Roper Farms, Duluth MN

Thank you so very much Earl for taking the time last Thursday to listen and guide us through another disaster. In times of extreme duress, you are like a safe harbor in a world of stress and uncertainties.

No words can express our sincere gratitude for the outstanding job you do in "just doing your job". Trust me...you are one in a million!
Susan & Dennis, Onamia MN

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